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Skullgirls has had more setbacks and change ups than I can recall at this point, and yet this indie fighting game just keeps on growing. Last year we learned that Annie of the Stars would be coming not just to Skullgirls Mobile, but to Skullgirls 2nd Encore. Yesterday, as part of this year’s Frosty Faustings, we not only got a new look at the ever-young star but a tease of what’s to come…

That’s right, it’s one more once for Skullgirls yet again, as after Annie arrives another new character will follow in her footsteps and come to Mobile and 2nd Encore. Further details were shared by Hidden Variable (makers of the mobile version who have taken up the reigns of 2nd Encore after the effective collapse of original developers Lab Zero) on when to expect Annie and what comes next.

While it’s mostly vague statements for now, one thing that is clear is that she’s still on track for “Early 2021”, at least on PC. After that debut she’ll make her way to consoles sometime after, so stay tuned for when the Switch version will get her. As for who the next mystery character is, more will be shared “in the coming months”.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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