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Oh Skullgirls, the game that never stops giving. After a few days of teases, the mobile version of Lab Zero’s fighter revealed it’s adding Annie of the Stars to its roster later this year. While that’s great news on the mobile front, they also added that Annie will be coming to the full, console version of Skullgirls: 2nd Encore in 2021 along with a new stage and music theme.


Annie has made a few appearances in Skullgirls already, and placed highly in the game’s Indiegogo DLC campaign. The byproduct of a wish for a child to be young forever, Annie may look like a child but is a seasoned warrior who’s fought for much longer than she looks. Her adventures exploits have gone from folklore to… children’s television.

She currently stars on that program, alongside her rabbit-like parasite Sagan who houses her removed eye. Together their attacks are both sparkly and cosmic, befitting of a sword forged from a meteorite. While only the briefest glimpse of her playstyle can be seen in the above trailer, Annie looks to carry the same polish when it comes to presentation the rest of the cast does and will be a welcome addition next year.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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