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As has been the case with past Choose Your Legends events, Fire Emblem Heroes has provided interim results for the 5th popularity vote. The top spots are comfortably held by two characters fans have rallied behind, but perhaps the most interesting placement is who’s taking second place for male characters.

Fire Emblem Three Houses’ Gatekeeper may have nothing to report, but his earnest delivery of that lack of news has endeared him to fans. As a reminder, the top two male and female characters get unique and powerful special versions down the line – the perfect prize for modest work. While “anything can change” with respect to Chrom getting more votes, his ancestor and the original Lord Marth is sitting comfortably in the lead for now and will likely, finally, get his due here.

Over on the female side, things are a little less exciting but no less interesting. For longtime fans, seeing Sacred Stones’ Eirika take the lead is exciting and welcome in the same way Marth’s placement is. Below her, Byleth is currently doing well and a likely contender, and with Marianne and Bernadetta right behind there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing some Three Houses victories.

The Choose Your Legends Round 5 votes are still underway, so rally behind your character of choice and press onward to victory!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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