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Despite Universal Studios Japan issuing another delay for Super Nintendo World last week, the theme park is prepping for its inevitable grand opening. Today, plenty of theme park enthusiasts took to social media reporting that a “technical rehearsal” was being held for the new area as well as the Universal Studios Store being stocked with Super Nintendo World merchandise. Here’s a round-up of tweets and videos showing off these new updates!


“Technical Rehearsal” Signs


An assortment of signs announcing that Super Nintendo World would be undergoing a “technical rehearsal” was spotted around the park. The information, posted in Japanese and English, asked parkgoers to “please do not post photos or videos” taken inside Super Nintendo World onto social media until after the area’s grand opening. In our search, we’ve only come across one short video taken from the Yoshi’s Adventure ride, which isn’t surprising as a “ride tour” video of the attraction was posted on YouTube (briefly) in December.




Super Nintendo World Signs and Banners


Throughout Universal Studios, a variety of banners spotlighting Super Mario Bros. characters have been installed on light fixtures. Plus, near the Waterworld show, a blue “Super Nintendo World” sign was spotted (and it lights up at night). You can see more photos of the character banners on USJ365’s site, a fansite dedicated to Universal Studios Japan.




Universal Studios Store – Super Nintendo World section


Taking center stage at the Universal Studio Store, more Super Nintendo World merchandise is available to purchase. Clothing, accessories, toys, gift tins filled with chocolates and cookies, instant mushroom risotto (Chef Toad approved!), and more can be found here!






Here are more close-ups of the Super Nintendo World merch!




Video Tours





Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World will have its grand opening, hopefully, sometime this year.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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