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We recently shared an interview by Square Enix with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Co-Director Masanobu Suzui, which gave a broad overview of the making of the latest title in the Kingdom Hearts saga. The interview went into the details and challenges of creating a rhythm action game that’s fun to play while staying true to the franchise’s roots and feel. The piece also touched on how much of a team effort it was to handcraft each stage just right.

In a new interview with Square Enix, Mr. Suzui dug into the more granular details for the making of a specific stage: “Hand in Hand” from the original Kingdom Hearts. 



This new interview really shows just how much of an all-hands-on-deck mentally each track required, with the entire team play-testing and giving feedback on everything from difficulty spikes to what sorts of actions should occur when.

You can check out the full interview at Square Enix’s site. Just like Mr. Suzui’s previous piece, it’s a super fun read and totally worth checking out for fans of the series and the rhythm game genre as a whole!


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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