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We’re less than two months away from the worldwide release of Bravely Default II, and Square Enix is showcasing more of the game’s locales and characters in a new trailer showcasing the Kingdom of Rimedahl and the various asterisk holders (read: mini-bosses you’ll fight to steal their job classes) you’ll find within.

There’s Martha Lancer, a local knight and guardian who holds the Dragoon asterisk (which appears to be a variation of the first game’s Valkyrie job), along with a little dragon named Gwilyn with a very deep voice. The Swordmaster, Spiritmaster, and Salve-maker jobs all return with the asterisk holders of, respectively Gladys Kelly (a buff priestess and fairy hunter), Helio (an inquisitor and co-worker of Gladys), and Glenn Booth (a local mayor looking to avenge his brother). However, most interesting is Dominic, the local high-priest, who possesses a new Job Asterisk: the Oracle. The Oracle controls “laws,” able to affect (among other things) the target’s speed and elemental attributes. 

Considering the series’ propensity for wordplay in names, one or two of these may change in localization, but you can check out the breakdown on Siliconera for more details. Bravely Default II releases February 26th.



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