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Today’s Monster Hunter Digital Event was chock-full of new info for Monster Hunter Rise (new monsters and new features). You can check out more of our coverage here throughout the day, but for right now, I’d like to focus on today’s big announcement: Wyvern Riding and how the Wirebugs tie into it.

Early on in today’s event, a new trailer was shown introducing the Frost Islands, a few new additions to the game’s bestiary, and more. Midway through the trailer, a Hunter cast their Wirebugs onto a stunned monster and proceeded to mount it. At first glance, it simply seemed like the tried-and-true mounting mechanic from past entries, then things got kind of crazy: The camera panned around and suddenly the Hunter was controlling the beast! 



The trailer closed with an incredibly epic shot of a pack of Hunters attacking the new flagship monster Magnamalo while one of them rode a Rathalos into battle! Sorry if I seem a bit starstruck about all this, but, well, I am! Controllable monsters – officially called Wyvern Riding – is now a thing, and I for one can’t wait to try it for myself. 



After the presentation, the above Hunting 101 videos were released detailing how Wyvern Riding will work, how the Wirebugs tie into the new mechanic, as well as how the Wirebugs work in general.

Experience the new mechanics for yourself when the Monster Hunter Rise demo releases later today! It’ll hold us over until Monster Hunter Rise lands on the Nintendo Switch on Friday, March 26th.


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