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While the last Wholesome Games Direct and Wholesome Snack included tons of Switch titles to spotlight, the bite-sized Holiday Edition presentation from the independent collaboration had less to show during its 18 minute event focusing on only a select few developers. Despite its seemingly long runtime, only three new games featured in the presentation were confirmed to have Nintendo Switch releases coming in the future.

Out of the three titles seen in the showcase, Nintendo’s Indie World social media accounts have so far only spotlighted the life-sim title Cozy Grove from @spryfox and @QuantumApG. This haunted island adventure focusing on camping comes with a beautiful view and a lot of friends as it flaunts a unique hand-drawn art style on top of a spooky and spunky cast of characters. Cozy Grove will release on Switch in early 2021.



As for the other two titles that received Switch confirmations, A Hat in Time developer Gears for Breakfast’s cozy job hustle featuring frogs Here Comes Niko! and the chemist life simulation RPG Potion Permit from developer MassHive Media will both be releasing someday down the line. Neither game has received a concrete release date yet, but considering that Wholesome Games typically features titles that are closing in on completion, it would be safe to assume both titles will release next year, too.

For those interested in watching the Wholesome Snack: Holiday Edition showcase, you can watch the event in its entirety below!



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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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