For many, part of the appeal of video games is that they offer us a strong form of escapism, and that’s perhaps epitomized by Dreamo, a game set within a man’s dream coming to Nintendo Switch later this month.



Awakening on an island after a plane crash, players take control of Jack Winslow, who is guided by the voice of inventor/therapist Tara Moreau. Navigating through a literal journey of his mind, Jack seeks the fragments of his missing memories, which are locked within cubes known as “Artifacts.” Each Artifact has misplaced gears, which the player must solve and decipher.

The game features dozens of challenging 3D puzzles, fully-voiced narration, and a three-chapter storyline that, according to publisher Pineapple Works, “explores themes of memory, choice, and consequence.” There is also a Challenge Mode “for players seeking to put their skills to the test.”



With its first-person perspective, focus on puzzles, and a story-driven by mystery and uncertainty, Dreamo looks to be similar to games such as Portal and The Witness. Developer Hypnotic Ants also cites The Talos Principle, Baba is You, and Fez as influences.

Pre-orders are now open for Dreamo (priced at $14.99/€14.99, but is currently on sale for $13.49/€13.49), which will release on the Nintendo eShop in North America and Europe on Thursday, November 19th.


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Written by Reece Heather

A lifelong Nintendo fan and a longtime editor at Zelda Universe, Reece will forever be grateful that he somehow dodged the Naughty List of Christmas 1998, when Santa delivered the life-changing gift of a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Mario Kart 64. When he's not playing games, Reece is usually reading Punisher comics, delving helplessly into the weirdest depths of anime and manga, or spending time with his cocker spaniel Gracie -- the goodest girl ever!