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Fangamer has been pumping out tons of video game merchandise this past month based on retro and modern fan-favorite titles, including Metal Gear Solid and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Today, the merchandise publishing company announced that Persona 4 will at last tune into their lineup of physical items with original shirts and keychains. Meanwhile, Celeste has climbed its way back to the new products page with another shirt design and keychain option along with its first-ever hat. Check out the latest line of merchandise the digital store has to offer below!

The Dragon’s Fury and Investigation Team Persona 4 shirts will cost $24 apiece while the pins of the game’s iconic television and mischievous Teddie will go for $10 each.



As for Celeste’s new items, the Celestial Hotel Keychain will cost $15, the fancy Mountain Trucker Hat with an embroidered emblem is $21, and the Beyond the Mountain shirt lands at the price peak standing at $24 (tax and shipping not included with any of these products).

For those interested in purchasing any Persona 4 or Celeste products, you can follow the retrospective links here to visit their series catalog pages. Just a quick note, for those looking for Persona 5 merchandise, the two different entries in the franchise have separate product catalog pages!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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