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Ready? Set? We might be able to say “go” soon after all. Over the last year, Sega has teased the possibility of a new Monkey Ball title being developed time and time again across social media. Previously the company commented on how Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD sales could potentially lead to a series revival. Shortly after the release of the game the company proceeded to survey fans on Twitter asking where they would like the series to go next with four different options. While fans battled it out between remastering the first two entries or having a completely new title, the latter ultimately won the survey results.

Matt Brian, the Monkey Ball series announcer who has recently been on the rise, has teased a potential announcement for the series coming as soon as this month. While the voice actor has made several teases in the past, he now claims that “September will be amazing for what’s to come” as he plays a friend’s copy of the remastered Nintendo Switch title. Have a look at his own Instagram post below!



Previously, Brian had also posted a photo of a script fans dubbed across the internet as “Super Monkey Ball Retro” when the announcer stated that the series would be paired with one word after its mainstay title. Will September be the return of the Monkey Ball franchise? Until we hear official word from Sega themselves, we will be sure to let you all know if this story develops any further.

Via: Video Games Chronicle


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