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Earlier this week we brought you the news that the iconic theme song to the 1996 Sonic the Hedgehog OVA, “Look-a-Like”, had been uncovered in its original form, revealing some new lyrics that had up until then had been obscured by character dialogue.

After was shared, however, fans were curious if more songs from the OVA were tucked away as well, as the movie’s official soundtrack has never been released in full. Illuminor reached out once again, thinking “maybe a miracle will occur”, and lo and behold they got something in response – but not quite what they expected.

Unfortunately their contact didn’t have the master sound source files for the soundtrack, but they did have a demo recording. While it isn’t the best quality out there, it does give us a glimpse into the process behind the movie’s OST. Give it all a listen below, and if you want to hear a specific tune, timestamps are in the video description.

Yes, the South Island theme is in there (at 18:15).

As various songs are missing or altered, it’s speculated that these tracks were recorded before the soundtrack was fully finalized. If you want to listen to the files yourself, the Twitter account Sonic and All Characters will be sharing the MP3’s soon.

Here’s hoping the story hasn’t ended just yet and that those mythical source files are out there, somewhere…

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Written by Tom Brown

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