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This year’s Sonic the Hedgehog movie technically wasn’t the blue blur’s first – back in the ’90s, the Japanese animation studio Pierrot produced two original video animation (OVA) episodes which were later compiled into a home video release in western markets marketed Sonic the Hedgehog – The Movie. Being made in 1996, the “movie” came about at a stage in Sonic history where the established canon was rather loose, resulting in an adventure involving cat girls, the post apocalypse, and a very cool, unique soundtrack.

It’s the latter that’s popped up in the news lately as the OVA’s iconic main theme, Look-a-Like, has been released in its unedited form. While most of the song had been made available before, a line was drowned out by character dialogue in the movie itself. A fan going by Illuminor decided to take it upon themselves to track down the lyrics to this part, contacting the original producers. Unexpectedly, they responded by sending back the unaltered original audio file.

Give it a listen and read up on the full story in the video below:

As for the new lyric, it’s at around the 1:52 mark – “a long time ago one caveman had a busy life making tons of names”.

Here’s hoping more of the movie’s iconic OST gets a full, lossless release one day, too.

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Written by Tom Brown

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