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Previously the upcoming farming-sim/action-RPG Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin detailed its meticulous rice farming mechanics, and now it’s diving into the other half of the game’s core, showcasing the side-scrolling action elements of the game.

Sakuna uses her farming tools to attack, using simple button inputs to hack and slash away at enemies while also being able to unleash high-power special moves if she has enough meter built up. She also has a nifty tool called the Heavenly Scarf that acts like a grappling hook, allowing her to latch onto surfaces and swing around as well as hurl enemies around. Stages usually have individual objectives like “slay every enemy” or “find a hidden treasure” to unlock more, and get more difficult if you play at night instead of day (in turn, however, you might find better stuff at night). In addition to usual enemies, there are demon bosses you’ll have to vanquish as well.



Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin releases on November 10th in North America, and November 20th in Europe and Australia. We’ll be sure to provide you with more updates on the game’s features as they come out.


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