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Upcoming action-RPG and farming sim Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin has mostly focused on showcasing its more action-packed elements thus far, so it’s about time they delved into the mechanics of its rice farming elements. And what mechanics they are, as a new update on the game’s official JP website showcases just how in-depth and complicated it is to grow the staple foodstuff.

Far more than a simple “plant the seeds, water them daily, and wait” system common to many farming games, Sakuna has you managing just about every element of the rice paddy. You’ll plow the field, sort the seed rice, raise seedlings, plant the seedlings in the field, control the water temperature, fertilize and weed the seedlings, sickle the fully grown rice plants, dry them, thresh the stalks, and then finally hull the rice, with both quantity and quality depending on what steps you take. Phew!

Farming will be important, as Sakuna (being the child of a harvest god) will have her abilities boosted based on how well you farm. Fortunately you can delegate parts of the farming to other helpers, though the results won’t be as good as if you took the time to methodically care for the rice paddy yourself. Farming is hard. But you can pick up the game for yourself when it comes to Switch on November 10th.



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