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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has not only been an incredible hit this year, but it’s also become a bit of a beacon for various companies and brands. Sure, some ad campaigns are complete misses, but every so often a company or two ignores social media engagement predictions and just has fun.

IKEA Taiwan has raised the bar for what to do with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The world-renowned furniture company has 21 years of designs and pieces, so there have to be some furniture items in New Horizons that are similar to IKEA’s. So, IKEA Taiwan took a few pages out of IKEA’s 2021 catalog and made New Horizons versions. It’s pretty amazing and reminds us of Nintendo’s faux-fashion spreads for Splatoon 2.


IKEA Taiwan’s 2021 Catalog x Animal Crossing: New Horizons GALLERY



There’s one more image that IKEA Taiwan posted! In the Facebook post’s comment section, they uploaded their take on the IKEA sales floor as the main room in a playable villager’s home.



Nintendo recently collaborated with the design company SOU・SOU for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, so perhaps we can hope for a future IKEA event. Tom Nook (as well as Timmy and Tommy Nook) would definitely be on board with this bell-making idea!

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