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For those of you who are already handling orders or planning to take on the role of a barista in the near future, Pokémon Café Mix will soon be adding more to the menu. As per usual, with the addition of a new lineup of regular orders to complete comes more familiar faces entering your small dining establishment.

Wobbuffet and Audino are the newest pocket monsters being added in the title’s upcoming update. More excitingly, however, the first-ever Mythical Pokémon to be seen in Café Mix will be the iconic time-traveling guardian Celebi through a Special Customer Event. Have a look at their adorable in-game artwork sprites below!


Developer Genius Sonority and The Pokémon Company have also proudly announced that the mobile and Switch title has been downloaded over 5 million times by users combined on both dedicated platforms. To celebrate the occasion, all players who log in to Pokémon Café Mix from now until August 30th will be receiving a special in-game present. Players can look forward to receiving 5,000 Golden Acorns, 3 Vertical Whistles, and 3 Horizontal Whistles in their inboxes.

Update: You can also celebrate the 5 million downloads with a few free wallpapers that the Pokémon Café Mix Twitter account has shared with fans!



Via: Serebii


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