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Just like how Pokémon work together hand in hand, it’s always important we do the same to protect each other. A group of passionate Singapore Pokémon GO fans recently captured a generous deed in hopes of helping a community friend.

Mei Qi Or, a 29-year-old fan of the Pokémon franchise and longtime player of the mobile game, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer back in April. Her diagnosis came with a prescription for sixteen rounds of chemotherapy — an extremely costly form of treatment patients of the disease need.

Mei, however, will not have to worry about paying off a substantial chunk of that treatment as her fellow local and overseas players in the Pokémon GO community banded together to raise (so far) over 21,000 SGD which will help pay off at least 12 of her sessions. As seen in the photo, Mei received a special Pokémon-themed cheque featuring Rayquaza and Mega Evolution Charizard Y from a fellow Trainer.

On top of their already wholesome act, the players involved in raising the funds do not plan on stopping anytime soon. The community members will continue to raise money in the following weeks to hopefully pay off the rest of the remaining debt of her treatment. The Singapore Pokémon GO Community Facebook page posted the following message:

“Dear fellow Pokemon Go trainers from Singapore and around the world in this group. We have now closed the 1st phase of the fundraising for Mei Qi Or to help her pay for her cancer treatments.

Yesterday we had a small gathering to hand over a Pokemon inspired cheque we had made and to take some pictures together. Thank you Alex Ortega for the awesome design and professional photographs. Don’t worry, we strictly followed all rules around group sizing (3 tables) and keeping distance, wearing masks.

With a few more donations coming in late we have achieved a total of just over $21,000 SGD which will help pay for about 12 of the 16 chemo treatments for Mei Qi. I am planning to continue the fundraising, but more formally and via a proper website on Lookout for that in the next week or so. If you had not seen the news item that was broadcast on News 5 and CNA, please check the link below.

A massive thank you to everyone who shared, donated, messaged Mei Qi for support. It has been a fantastic community effort. 🥰🥰🥰

For those interested in donating to help pay off Mei’s chemotherapy sessions, you can follow the Pokémon GO Singapore community Facebook page to stay updated on when their planned page will go live.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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