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For every phantasmagoric demon hunter or alchemist still roaming 18th century England, the official development team behind Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night is looking to ease your travels with the help of every player’s input. Today the developers behind the game announced that the official Bloodstained website has opened a new section dedicated entirely to providing updates on future patches, version numbers, the current top issues, and most importantly bug reporting.

By scrolling to the bottom of the page players can find a sub-section labeled “Bug Reporting” that contains three links the developers would like fans to utilize in the future. The first directs you to their very own custom Form Site where players can create detailed reports regarding any issues they may come across in-game, while the second is intended for those looking to help acknowledge possible problems specifically found in the title’s randomizer mode. The final link provided by the team simply redirects users to publisher 505 Games’ general FAQ page for previously published information.

On social media, the Bloodstained Team has notified fans that multiple bug fixes are in the works. The team is putting their efforts into investigating the following current top issues listed below and plans to hopefully have a patch out soon.

  • Boss Revenge – A crash occurs when pausing the game while playing as Bloodless or entering the menu.
  • Achievements / Extra Items – Some achievements cannot be completed due to unobtainable items.
  • NPC Area Crash – A crash that can occur when you enter or leave an area with an NPC or speak with an NPC.

Do you have any in-game issues to report to the developers? Just visit the official current status page of the Bloodstained website.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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