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Since leaving Nintendo of America in the spring of 2019, Reggie Fils-Aimé hasn’t taken up a laidback, “sitting on the beach” type of retirement plan. Instead, he’s earned seats on GameStop and Spin Master’s boards of directors, and he’s been making a podcast on the side. Now, he’s joining another company, but working as a strategic advisor.

Announced on Twitter, Rogue Games, Inc. shared that Reggie’s role as a strategic advisor means he’ll be aiding the releases upcoming console-based games. As for the specifics, thanks to GamesBeat (the gaming division of VentureBeat), the outlet secured an exclusive interview with Reggie. Questions range from why he’s joining Rogue Games to tips on entering the indie scene and people making their own games.

The full interview can be found at VentureBeat, and below is Reggie’s statement on becoming an advisory for Rogue Games, Inc.:


GamesBeat: Why have you taken the advisory role?

Fils-Aimé: The benefit of being retired is that I get to work with people I like and companies that I feel are doing unique and valuable things. In Rogue’s case, I have known Matt Casamassina and Chris Archer for years. They do things the right way and are willing to benefit from my years of experience. And they are leading an incredibly talented team who have a fresh vision for how to do digital games publishing. They have a great eye for games, some of which you’ll start to hear about soon, and Rogue is building a brand that I think players will come to recognize and appreciate. Meanwhile, despite being relatively new to the scene, Rogue’s already emerged as one of the leaders in the growing ‘Netflix of Games’ subscription option announced by Apple, Google, and others. So all of this is very exciting to me. And I think my experience and relationships are very attractive to Rogue as it expands its portfolio to include more traditional gaming platforms.

Now it’s time to wait and see what Rogue Games, Inc. has in store! And with all this news about Reggie’s involvement with different companies, we can all continue to wonder: what’s next for him during his “retirement?”


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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