Soon, Paper Mario’s latest quest will unfold on Nintendo Switch. Leading up to its release, Nintendo is promoting Paper Mario: The Origami King via newly released commercials, a perfect loop of the game’s Café theme, the knowledge of Olivia petting a Chaim Chomp, and a philosophical discussion about Toads (and whether or not they feel pain).

For Japan, Nintendo has crafted two commercials promoting the game. While the “Web Commercial” doesn’t include any new footage, it appears there’s a new scene or two in the “TV Commercial.”


Over at the Twitter accounts of Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe, they’ve been posting a few tweets. Spoil yourself early with the soothing sounds of the game’s Café theme:


Followed by getting the best news ever — Chain Chomps are very good doggos:


It seems like Nintendo of Europe knew what they were doing with posting a clip of Mario “rescuing” Toads from their origami prisons.


When the inevitable “Find all hidden Toads in Paper Mario: The Origami King” guide videos are released, it’s just going to be a compilation of Toad torture. Sorry, my fungi friends. It’s needed for 100% completion runs.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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