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It’s been more than a few years now since Natsume cut ties with the developers of the Harvest Moon series. While that team continues to make games under the Story of Seasons umbrella, Natsume itself has kept the Harvest Moon name alive with a variety of titles developed in-house.

A new game has been announced from the team – Harvest Moon: New World. While there isn’t much in the way of images – just a logo – the official Nintendo UK webpage for the game gives us some information on how the game will play.

Unlike prior entries which have tended to focus on a relatively small area, One World takes you across, well, the world. You’ll set out on an adventure that takes you from beaches to snowy mountains.

The game is also being developed with an all-new engine, so it might be even more of a departure from Natsume’s previous games. You’ll see Harvest Moon: One World hit the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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Written by Tom Brown

Whether it’s an exciting new entry in a series long established or a weird experiment meant only for the dedicated, Tom is eager to report on it. Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.