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PlatinumGames announced on their Kickstarter page for The Wonderful 101: Remastered that both the physical copies being sent to backers and the physical retail release of the game will be delayed due to production issues created by COVID-19.

As of now, the physical backer copies are expected to ship out for US and EU backers in late June. The post stated that the backer copies will be given priority. Meanwhile, the retail release will also be pushed back. It will release on June 30th in the US and July 3rd in the EU.

As an apology, all backers will receive an extra copy of the game in the form of a Steam code. All codes will start being sent out on May 7th.

This one is particularly a bummer, as I myself and a backer, but I can say from experience that it will be worth the wait, as The Wonderful 101 might be my favorite game I’ve ever played. So if you don’t need the extra Steam code, give it to a friend so they can experience it! Unite up!


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Written by Bryan Finch

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