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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ save data transfer abilities are still on their way, with the game’s developers working on two methods of transfer.

The information comes from a new interview with CNET, in which the interviewer Scott Stein shared his frustrations with the current lack of cloud save backups and transfers.

“So right now we’re trying to give users two types of function. The first thing is, when the users lose or break their Switch, then we will provide a backup save data that was saved on the server,” game producer Hisashi Nogami said. “And then the second one is when the user buys a new Nintendo Switch, then we will transfer that account for them.”

A method of backing up and transferring Animal Crossing: New Horizons game data was said to be coming this year, but no new news has come out regarding it since February.

“For the data transfer for new Switch purchases, there are two ways,” Nogami said. “The first one is to transfer the entire island data onto the new Switch. And then the second method is to extract one of the players that are living on the island, and extract that player’s save data onto the new Switch hardware. In your case, since you have two Switches, it’s basically considered that you have two separate islands and two separate save data on each of the Switch that you own.”

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