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Motion Twin is continuing to fine-tune their stellar rogue-lite, action-platformer Dead Cells. The latest update might not be as big as previous patches, but now translations for multiple languages are available and some quality of life and bug fixing round out Version 1.8.5.

Below are the patch notes from Dead Cells’ site:


Important features

  • Translation included for all languages.

Quality of life

  • The Beginner’s Bow and the Old Wooden Shield are no longer “side hand only.”

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Conjunctivitis interaction with freezing (platform staying out, etc.)
  • Fixed “on destroy” affixes appearing on the Swarm.
  • Fixed the obtention of the White □□□□ Outfit being conditioned by having unlocked the regular □□□□ Outfit in a previous run. Now just wearing the regular outfit is enough.

Fixed various crashes. I won’t tell which one so if the game crashes you won’t be able to blame me.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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