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Making any game is a big task, and chances are you’ll encounter some bugs throughout development. While many are squashed, some critters will avoid capture or pop up after a game’s release. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a few glitches that you don’t want to include in your Critterpedia — here’s what to avoid and how to report any bugs you encounter on your save file.



April 3rd update: Thanks to the Version 1.1.3 update, this glitch has been resolved!

APRIL 1ST update: Easier workaround available! See below.

Where was this posted? Reported on r/ac_newhorizons (by sayftee) and Nintendo’s Support forums (by stellery, who also posted their workaround on r/ac_newhorizons). 

Does Nintendo know about this issue? Yes. Still, please report it to Nintendo’s Support team so they can have more confirmed cases.

Has this been fixed? No. Yes! Thanks to the April 3rd update, the problem has been fixed.

Is there a workaround? Sort of. You’ll need to make a second villager to help  out via co-op.

Are you grinding for those Nook Miles and achievements that Tom Nook has challenged you with? If so, there’s one task you’ll want to avoid for the time being, and that is earning the “It’s Raining Treasure” achievement. This goal is completed by shooting down 300 balloons. The problem here? Players who have completed this feat are finding out that no more balloons will fly through the island. 

Update: The newest work around is super simple! As tested by u/punkhag, do not collect the achievement! Hold off on those sweet, sweet Nook Miles as those mileage points aren’t worth this glitch.

The current workaround to this issue (crafted by stellery) may throw your island layout plans into disarray. You’ll need to make a new player/villager and have them move onto the island to be the leader in co-op play. As long as you follow that rule, balloons will be flying through the skies… until you hit the achievement with this character that you’ve made, theoretically.



Where was this posted? On r/ac_newhorizons, The Bell Tree Forums, and other sites.

Does Nintendo know about this issue? Yes. Feel free to report to Nintendo Support if you wish to do so. Many players have notified them already. 

Has this been fixed? Sort of, as of Version 1.1.2 (1.1.2a). Please see the update section below.

Is there a work around? Yes, but it is not 100% foolproof.

Update: Resident Representatives are still finding some errors even with the Version 1.1.2 patch installed. Shared on r/ac_newhorizons and GameFAQs’ forum, players are still encountering the glitch when kicking out villagers. For the time being, the safest thing to do is to stop villager trading until the entire error has been fixed.

This is a big glitch, bigger than the item duplication glitch that Nintendo patched out shortly after launch. If you’re trying to collect specific residents to add to your town, you’ll want to read this and then spread the word. The short version is this: “adopting” a villager from another island can cause their new home plot on your island to glitch. This villager won’t move in and you will not be able to add any new plots to your island. The trigger is specific — adopting a villager that has been kicked out thanks to an amiibo being scanned in. Getting a villager who is “thinking about moving” hasn’t resulted in the construction of your island halting at a standstill.

Below is a post on The Bell Tree Forums and assembled by Barnse from the Animal Crossing Discord that goes over the issue and workaround:

When you adopt a villager that was FORCED OUT by another player via the CAMPGROUNDS(either amiibo or normal random camper), the plot that the villager will occupy can become bugged and will simply state “‘s New Home “. You CANNOT place any more new plots if this happens and the actual villager doesn’t move in.

For example. My friend has 10 Villagers and one of them is SKYE. They then scan another villager’s card (For example Sterling) and convince him to come for several days. On the third day, to accommodate Sterling, they choose to KICK OUT SKYE, putting her in boxes. Afterwards, I, who want her, come along to ADOPT SKYE. My Island’s plot where Skye is supposed to move in can then be glitched.

Villagers that decide to move out on their own accord (they come and tell you via exclamation or thought bubble) are SAFE TO ADOPT even if they originally came via amiibo. What determines the glitch is HOW THEY LEAVE. If you’re taking part in a villager trade, make sure to ask the seller to show you a SCREENSHOT of the 

dialogue where villager is thinking of leaving to ensure they weren’t just forced out via campsite.

Also, just to clarify. Villagers obtained via amiibo from your campsite straight to your own plots are 100% safe for you, the owner of the amiibo. It’s the adoption (sending them off to other players who don’t have the amiibo) that you should be careful about.

If you’re unlucky enough to have gotten this glitch, there is a chance to fix it by removing the glitched plot. It doesn’t work all the time however so use your discretion. Credit again goes to the user mentioned above.

1. Ensure you have 1 bugged plot (Lets say this belonged to the Apollo) and 1 plot open to any resident (If you cannot place a plot you will need to get another villager to move out, this can be done quicker with Time Travel)

2. Go on an ISLAND TOUR (Randomly moving villagers does not fix, tested) and find a villager on the island then invite him to your island (Lets say its Wolfgang). Inviting villagers via campgrounds also seems to work.

3. At this point Wolfgang will now move to your island and occupy the BUGGED plot, however his house will look like APOLLO’S house

4. In addition to this another house will appear in your town this one looking like WOLFGANG’S house. You won’t be able to enter the house and upon trying, you will be told that WOLFGANG is out

5. If you were to check your map it would look like this…656/image0.jpg

6. Now you need to get WOLFGANG (i.e the newest villager) to move out. This can be done with time travel quicker and do not worry, villagers will not move out without you being told by them themselves. Forcing them out via campgrounds is risk as there’s a chance it may cause even more problems.

7. You will need to check that he is going to move out by visiting him, he will either ping you with a “!” and run towards you or will have a bubble above his head and a sad expression.

8. Upon WOLFGANG moving out both houses will disappear leaving 2 empty plots. Again, this does not work 100% but is a known way to fix this if it happens to you.



Have an error to report? Here are some steps and resources to confirming your error/glitch and submitting the information to Nintendo.

First, check out Animal Crossing fan forums and search to see if your problem is happening to other fans. If not, go ahead and make a post (following the forum’s guidelines). We recommend checking out the following sites:

From here, it’s time to contact Nintendo if your problem hasn’t been resolved and/or confirmed to be a known error. Nintendo’s support page offers the following services:

  • Chat with specialist via their chat app
  • Text message a specialist via 425-970-9648
  • Call a representative at 1-800-255-3700 (US and Canada number)
    • Outside of US & Canada number is 1-855-548-4693

Please check the Support webpage to see if specialists are currently available before contacting them. 


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