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As we approach Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ departure date of March 20th, more fuel to the fandom’s hype train is easy to acquire. Thanks to new footage appearing, a demo-build touring around the world at events, and fans crafting their passports, there are a lot of ways to get excited.

Nintendo France and their press relations team is giving a massive helping of FOMO to the Animal Crossing community. Press, influencers, and streamers received a surprise delivery from Nook Inc. this week and it’s just too perfect. What do you need when you’re taking a one-way trip to a deserted island? A suitcase.


Okay, it’s not a real suitcase — it functions more like a lunchbox. Regardless, it’s adorable and there’s even more swag to be found inside: a postcard, a plane ticket, information book that doubles as a journal, spending bells, a jar of sand, a party lei, and a tote bag. Some of these items look familiar, as French retailer Micromania Zing has the tote bag and a modified version of the plane ticket included with their pre-order bonus offer.

To watch a full unboxing video (in French), check out this one by streamer E.M.B:


So, Nintendo France, how many bells and Nook Miles do I need to get a suitcase of my very own? Every Animal Crossing fan who didn’t get one would sincerely like to know!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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