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Earlier we reported on how four new (well, returning) jobs would find their way into Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Cindered Shadows side story. While Trickster got top billing due to its association with Anna, the other three have since been spotlighted in brief.


Dark Flier looks to be a highly mobile, anti-magic class exclusive to female characters. If struck by magic during enemy phase, Dark Fliers will gain a buff to all their stats until the end of the next player phase. It’s a great use of the pegasus-related niche of high Resistance, though as usual you’ll have to look out for any bow-wielders on the map.


War Cleric/War Monk continues the proud tradition of nuns with axes, though this time they’re adding hand-to-hand combat to their resume. A special hybrid of physical attacks and faith based magic, they’ll have a unique ranged attack option that scales off of the aforementioned faith. Expect a stalwart and balanced character for anyone you reclass to this.


Last is the Valkyrie, another female only option. Mounted and using both types of magic, they’ll have some of the highest mobility and range of any unit. Their unique niche is increasing their range even further for Black and Dark magic, while also being able to fall back on healing spells if necessary. Being so well rounded on the magical side of things comes at a cost though, as it’s a traditionally frail class that needs to use that mobility smartly.

These classes, new characters, and the standalone story will be available later today when Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows goes live on the eShop.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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