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If you’re up for a double dose of side-scrolling, Sega’s got you covered with the latest pair of Sega Ages titles on the way. Already available in Japan, Fantasy Zone and Shinobi will join the line up in America later this month on January 23rd.


Sega Ages Fantasy Zone will bring back original Sega mascot and cute ‘em up legend Opa-Opa. The series has always been a fun one, and this version will have something for newcomers and veterans alike. If you’re not so confident, you can take advantage of a new Coin Stock feature to better keep your cash for precious weapon upgrades. And if you’re already a pro, Time Attack and extra bosses will give your reflexes new challenges. Plus, you can play as Opa-Opa’s brother Upa-Upa! Don’t ask me how a spaceship has a brother — this game is adorable!

Sega Ages Shinobi brings back a different Sega legend in the form of Joe Musashi. By playing the new Ages mode, he’ll swap into his more iconic white attire, giving him more health and higher damage to help with the old school challenge. There’ll also be a melee attack button now, and the ability to rewind time when you make mistakes.

Sega Ages Fantasy Zone and Shinobi will each run you $7.99. As mentioned, both titles will be available in the eShop starting January 23rd.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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