Earlier this year, Lizardcube surprised everyone by announcing that they’d be developing a brand new entry in Sega’s iconic beat ’em up franchise Streets of Rage — the first one in twenty five years, to be exact.

The team has been pretty open about Streets of Rage 4 in the months since, showing off demos at various events and uploading videos focusing on new characters and the music. This latest video is perhaps the deepest dive yet into the game, as it focuses entirely on the gameplay. Be sure to give it a watch below:

The sheer amount of passion on show really is infectious!

Streets of Rage 4 is set to hit the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2020.

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Written by Tom Brown

Whether it’s an exciting new entry in a series long established or a weird experiment meant only for the dedicated, Tom is eager to report on it. Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.