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The famous virtual pet known as Tamagotchi is no stranger to collaborations. Most recently, we’ve seen toy maker and producer Bandai Namco team up with Pokémon to give collectors truly adorable Eevee themed Tamas in Japan, and before that the pets received treatment from other popular brands — namely Sanrio (Hello Kitty) and Japanese fashion brand Swimmer. And very excitingly, Bandai’s continuing to work with other well-known characters, with this newest announcement revealing another video game themed focus: Pac-Man!


Pac-Man and Bandai are coming together by creating some sort of Pac-Man Tamagotchi collab. In the past we’ve seen a few color and design variants of the virtual pets come from partnerships like this one — and who knows, maybe this new venture will also bring about some other merch showcasing the two! I can see some cute apparel and accessories become a reality if the companies really wanted to expand on the mashup of Pac-Man, the multicolored ghosts, and that beloved egg-shaped toy device.

While the plans are currently a bit of a mystery, Bandai Namco is pointing us all to its dedicated Pac-Man page to help spread the word beyond social media. You can even sign up on the site to make sure you receive the latest news directly from Bandai. A year-long celebration is in the works, so we can definitely expect to see some really fun and innovative happenings and merch come out of the whole endeavor!

Stay tuned to Nintendo Wire as well — we’ll report back with all the Tamagotchi x Pac-Man news that’s revealed in the coming months.


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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