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The Nintendo Switch is a system that allows for a lot of freedom on the part of the player. Do they play docked, or handheld? With the included Joy-Con, the official Pro Controller, or a bevy of officially licensed third party pads?

Unfortunately, while there are a lot of control options from those third parties, Nintendo has yet to iterate on the Joy-Con officially, instead simply choosing to make minor revisions to fix internal problems and releasing the occasional new color scheme. Recently a hinged design patent was discovered, and now the folks over at Let’s Go Digital have found a few more concepts and mocked up how they’d look in reality.

For starters there’s a wider design. While Nintendo has just started offering up a wider option with the HORI licensed Daemon X Machina pad, but this one is simply the current Joy-Con but… longer.

The next one is somewhat bizarre – instead of analog sticks, both pads have D-Pads. This would bring them more in line with the SNES controller.

And finally there’s something that carries on the legacy of the Wii with simply two buttons oriented vertically, which would mimic the classic NES pad when held horizontally.

With Nintendo slowly but surely opening up to alternate designs for Switch inputs, like the aforementioned Daemon X Machina controllers and the Switch Lite shipping with a standard D-Pad, we can only hope Joy-Con like these are released in the near future!

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Written by Tom Brown

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