New Japanese Final Fantasy VIII Remastered commercial copies a classic | Nintendo Wire

There’s just a matter of days to go before we can step foot in Balamb Garden again thanks to Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, and Square Enix is going in for the nostalgia with this latest commercial.

While it looks pretty simple on the surface, there are two things of note – one, it confirms the return of the vocal theme Eyes on Me, which some were worried may have been absent due to licensing, and two, it’s effectively a recreation of this classic commercial from the game’s original release.

Sure a few things are changed up, like the inclusion of a few gameplay clips and the lack of the great voice over at the end, but it’s surely a blast to the past to anyone who saw the original back in the day.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered launches worldwide on September 3rd.

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Written by Tom Brown

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