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Nicalis’ crossover fighter Blade Strangers was a fun and beginner-friendly take on the genre, with plenty of familiar faces and indie guests to acquaint yourself with. While it’s lain somewhat dormant over the last year amidst teases of further development, in celebration of the game’s anniversary a new and completely free update has come along!

The biggest addition are three additional fighters: Aban Hawkins of 1001 Spikes fame, a new take on Umihara Kawase, and Piaa. That last one takes the cake for “most obscure addition” here, as she hails from the 1998 PlayStation title Doki Doki Poyacchio. She fits right in though, and was designed by Studio Saizensen’s founder Toshinobu Kondo. Each of them adds a music track and home stage as well — to make them feel more welcome.

Alongside them and also completely free are updates to the game’s graphics and some gameplay modifications. While a formal list of changes wasn’t provided, it’s all done “…in the interest of improving gameplay and character balance while attempting to preserve existing combo functionality.”

You can see all these new additions and changes by downloading the latest update for Blade Strangers, available now.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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