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While Mortal Kombat 11 has been out for several months, NetherRealm Studios has been releasing characters one by one in the Kombat Pack season pass. Old man wizard Shang Tsung was first, followed by the recently released Nightwolf. Today, the team revealed the rest of the pack in a new video. Among the roster is fan-favorite Sindel, along with Spawn, a Terminator T-800 that looks like he might have been mocapped by Arnold himself, and Batman’s best friend Joker. Scorpion, Raider, and Sub-Zero all appeared in the Injustice games by the same studio, but this marks the first time a DC character has appeared in Mortal Kombat.

The remaining characters and their anticipated release dates are:

  • Terminator T-800: October 8
  • Sindel: November 26
  • Joker: January 28
  • Spawn: March 17

This also matches early datamines that revealed the entire slate of DLC characters, although this list doesn’t include everyone in the leak.


The previous leak also listed Sheeva, Fujin, and Ash from the Evil Dead franchise as upcoming characters. They might be coming as a surprise release with the Kombat Pack, or perhaps as a second pack all together. A previous DLC trailer featured the sounds of a chainsaw at the end, which would lend credence to the inclusion of Ash.


Although it’s a pretty lengthy wait to get all of these fighters in the game, it is still cool to see Mortal Kombat getting to include so many classic film characters. Plus, this will make MK11 the second best fighting game to feature Spawn!

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Written by Bryan Finch

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