Best Buy US lists Green Joy-Con pair for release this October | Nintendo Wire

It looks like another batch of Joy-Con colors is on the way, and while they aren’t new, they’re a whole lot more convenient.

Best Buy US has listed the new pair of green Joy-Con on its site as of this writing, and they’re set for release on October 27th, just ahead of the Halloween launch of a certain green-garbed hero’s latest game – Luigi’s Mansion 3.

While it was possible to get a pair of green Joy-Con before, it involved importing the Japanese version of the Splatoon pink/green combo to pair with the US set, as they each flipped the colors. This new SKU will hopefully make things easier!

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Written by Tom Brown

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Tom Brown

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  1. John Blanco says:

    This is incorrect. You could get a pair of green joycons by buying the US Splatoon set and then the swapped pair that was sold separately. No importing needed.

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