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My Nintendo members in North America can now download a previously Japan-exclusive Splatoon 2 gear set.

For 100 Platinum Points, players can receive a download code for the following in-game items for their Inkling or Octoling to wear:

  • Gray FA-11 Bomber
  • Brown FA-11 Bomber
  • Red V-Neck Limited Tee
  • Green V-Neck Limited Tee



These four pieces of gear were originally released back in 2017 as part of a Japan-only 7-Eleven promotion.

The “Gray FA-11 Bomber” and “Brown FA-11 Bomber” (under different names) were both obtained by purchasing Splatoon 2 on the Japanese 7-Eleven website.

The “Red V-Neck Limited Tee” and “Green V-Neck Limited Tee,” meanwhile, were obtainable by buying any Splatoon 2-branded merchandise from 7-Eleven.

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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