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Late yesterday, Bandai Namco made some fans’ wishes come true, with a trailer dropping for Dragon Ball FighterZ next playable character. And yes, it is yet another version or fusion or power level of Son “No he won’t be in Smash” Goku. However this is an interesting spin on the series’ star in that it combines two parts of Dragon Ball that haven’t really been touched on in FighterZ.

As you can see, Goku’s looking a little younger. This is thanks to events in the not-quite-canonical anime series Dragon Ball GT but it also makes him look a lot like he did back during the very beginning of Dragon Ball, before Saiyans were even a thing. This shows in his moveset, bringing in the Power Pole from his youth and even GT’s Super Saiyan 4 transformation. So sure, this time around I’ll take another Goku.

You can download the new character starting May 9th, joining the already released Jiren and Videl. That leaves one more character left to be revealed in the game’s second season of DLC, and three more to come overall. Could it be Ultra Instinct Goku? Stuck in a mondo cool healing tank Goku? Trying to get his Driver’s License Goku? We can only dream…

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Written by Ricky Berg

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