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When Labo VR was announced, multiple comparisons were made to Nintendo’s first foray into “VR,” the Virtual Boy. Ahead of its time, the headset didn’t sell well, but it’s now fondly remembered and highly sought after among collectors.

If you were ever wondering if Nintendo Labo VR would contain some sort of easter egg for the hardware, then you’ll be pleased to know that Mario’s Tennis does appear:


GameXplain posted various videos concerning Labo VR and included this gem. Before you get too excited though, it seems that this is just one of the many VR videos that Nintendo has included into the game. In GameXplain’s review video, it’s mentioned that about 20 minutes of footage (featuring scenarios things like Mario and feeding deer in Nara) are able to be viewed in VR. Comparing the actor’s hands in the Virtual Boy clip and the deer feeding scene, it looks like you won’t be able to actually play Mario’s Tennis.

Regardless, a nod to the Virtual Boy is greatly appreciated. Hopefully Nintendo’s future explorations in VR can channel even more of the table-top console.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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