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Well, now. Mere minutes after a listing for Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch was found within Best Buy’s system, Wario64 has also found a listing for Metroid Prime Trilogy for the platform as well as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past within BB’s database.

Much like Persona 5, rumors of Metroid Prime Trilogy hitting the Switch have persisted for quite some time, to the point where it’s been accepted as an inevitability by some fans.

While presumed to be delayed due to Metroid Prime 4’s development struggles, it seems that the listing (if genuine, as it appears to be) suggests that it may be coming relatively soon after all.

Much more surprising is the Link to the Past one, which is confirmed to be different and separate from the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake.

It’s unlikely to be a simple Virtual Console deal, so this could mean that Nintendo is remaking the game in the same way they’re remaking Link’s Awakening… though it would be very strange for such a game to already be in Best Buy’s system, at this point in time, unless that game is coming much sooner than we thought.

Stay wired for more updates on the situation going forward, including any other potential Nintendo Switch ports dug from the bowels of Best Buy’s systems.


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