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Dragon Ball FighterZ has no shortage of Saiyans in its roster, but rather than bump it up further with some of Super’s additions a (very) familiar face from a different sequel series is coming along. I never expected Dragon Ball GT, the original anime only sequel to Dragon Ball Z, to get some representation in FighterZ, and yet thanks to it we have yet another version of Goku coming to the game.


If you don’t know, at the start of GT Goku is transformed into a kid again thanks to a wish by an old enemy and sets off on a grand tour of space. There’s more to it than I’d ever want to get into, but it looks like he’s taking from the more traditional/original Kid Goku (from the original Dragon Ball) as well. That means using his old Power Pole, a mean looking headbutt, redirecting himself with Kamehameha, and more alongside more GT inspired techniques.

It’s yet another Goku in an already Goku-filled roster, but I’ve learned to wait and see how the characters play before writing them off. Each of his other versions in game have been distinct enough, and the shoutouts to the earliest parts of the series are a nice touch here. Be on the lookout for more on Kid Goku and the other remaining Season 2 DBFZ characters in the future.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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