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Last week, to close out the third quarter of the on-going Fiscal Year, Nintendo held a meeting with investors where it outlined its plans. We covered most of the essentials in our article from the day, but now Nintendo has released official translations of the presentation and Q&A materials.

What this means is, while the content is mostly the same, Nintendo’s deliberate phrasing can clear certain things up. For example, Furukawa addresses Nintendo’s perceived slow development tendencies, pointing out that there are titles currently in development that the company “haven’t announced yet, some of which [they’re] preparing to release this year.” Furukawa also states that he doesn’t anticipate “the kind of delays” fans would be concerned about.

Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s Senior Managing Executive Officer and frequent Direct host, also stated that in addition to already-announced games, Nintendo is preparing to release “software titles which would delight consumers including one that is good fit for Nintendo Switch Online” in 2019.

There are plenty of other interesting tidbits, so be sure to poke through the documents as we wait for Nintendo’s next information blow out.

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Written by Tom Brown

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