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Following yesterday’s investor’s report, Nintendo held a Q&A session with said investors and press where they discussed plans for the future. As always, we’ll cover the essentials.

First things first, the company’s partnership with Universal was discussed in further detail. Super Nintendo World is still aiming for a 2020 launch in Japan, to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics, with other locations following. As for the Super Mario movie from Illumination, it’s currently scheduled for 2022.

We also heard about the opening of a new Nintendo store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

In terms of games, Nintendo promises something coming in the 2019 that’ll please fans, and another that is a “nice fit” for the Switch’s new Online Service. On that subject, they admit that retention is critical, and to ensure it “contents will be enhanced throughout the year.” Not only that but Nintendo admits to maintain strong growth in hardware and software sales, they’ll have a “strong game line-up.”

Finally, if you’ve been worrying Nintendo has pivoted away from news drops via Nintendo Directs to simple Twitter posts, they state that the company’s “stance has not changed” when it comes to revealing information via Directs.

A full transcript will be released within the next week, so if any more tidbits shine through we’ll be sure to cover them!

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Written by Tom Brown

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