Here we go again. Just because Smash Bros. Ultimate was officially released doesn’t mean the leaks are going to stop! This time, dataminers have combed through the latest Smash Ultimate update files to find a few lines of code that they believe correspond with upcoming DLC fighters for the game.

Keep in mind, all the information below should be considered speculation at best at this point. We don’t want another Grinch Leak scenario on our hands, do we? Okay. Still with me? Here’s what we know:

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

Buried in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 1.1.0 file were three fighter code names, information that is widely being speculated as upcoming DLC fighters for the game. The names in question are the following:

– fighter_kind_jack
– fighter_kind_brave
– fighter_kind_packu

Packu is believed to be the upcoming Piranha Plant DLC, or Pakkun Flower as he’s known in Japan. Makes sense. Now, the other two fighters are a bit trickier.

Jack could refer to Jack Frost, the mascot of Atlus. If this is the case, it’s most likely the code name for Joker. Besides that, your guess is as good as mine.

Brave is even trickier, as it could mean a few different things. The leading theory online at the moment is that it refers to some sort of Dragon Quest addition — the word Brave translates to Yuusha in Japan, which also happens to be the name of the Hero class in the Dragon Quest series. Seems like a bit of a stretch, but rumors of Dragon Quest’s very own Erdrick joining Smash have been circulating for some time now.

Once again, we recommend you take the following information with a grain of salt. We’ve seen our fair share of BS smash rumors in the past to get too excited at this point, but a little bit of speculation never hurt anyone! If you want to learn more about the datamine and how it was discovered, make sure to check out jam1garner’s explanation on Twitter.


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Written by Jason Ganos

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