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Nintendo is just as excited as you are about Diablo III headed to Switch, according to a recent Game Informer interview.

Blizzard associate producer Matthew Cederquist said that the team at Blizzard knew Diablo III would be perfect for Switch, and that Nintendo was just as excited as they were when the team finally pitched the port. In fact, Nintendo even asked, ‘What have you guys been waiting for?’ — which means this is something they’d been hoping for for some time.

The Diablo III developer also discussed the team’s goal to maintain 60 frames per second on Switch. According to hands-on reports of the game, it only dipped as low as the mid-50s.

Are you as excited about Diablo III on Switch as Nintendo is? The highly anticipated Blizzard port will debut later this year. Stay tuned, as we’ll continue to report back with Diablo III related news as it’s released.


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Written by Logan Plant

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