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Battle Chef Brigade was my favorite not-Zelda game of 2017, and it’s about to get even better.

First announced on the PlayStation blog by Tom Eastman of Trinket Studios, Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe will bring many features to the game that have been teased for a long time now. Those changes include everything from improvements to visual effects and game flow to new modes, like Free Play, Survival, and a gallery. A new map will be available, as well as new challenges. Most excitingly, the long-awaited addition of the necromancer Ziggy as a playable character is finally happening. Ziggy will be able to summon ghouls and skeletons to help him hunt and gather ingredients for his recipes.


Another huge addition to the game is local multiplayer. By far my most-wanted feature, the new mode will let players play a split-screen match against their friends to hunt and cook the best dish possible. Unlike single player, it appears both chefs will fight in the same arena when hunting, meaning you can attack each other.

The official Battle Chef Brigade Twitter confirmed the update would be coming to all platforms, and although the Switch date is unconfirmed, they said they expect it close to August 28th, if not on that date.

If you have not yet played this incredible game, this is your chance to get in on an even better version of what was already one of the most unique games I’ve ever played. You can check out my review, and then be sure to pick it up in time for the Deluxe update.

Vive le Brigade!


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Written by Bryan Finch

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