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Nicalis must’ve set their calendars wrong, because they’ve been dropping news like E3’s come a month early. Besides today’s announcement of the crossover puzzle fighting game Crystal Crisis, the company also revealed today that everybody’s favorite garden-implement wielding sentinel Shovel Knight is joining the cast of their upcoming fighting game Blade Strangers.



The icon of shovelry everywhere appears to have been anime’d up, as his usual cartoony stature has been bulked up to a hulking physique more apropos of a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character.

The short clip of his gameplay reveal shows faithful translations of both his usual shovel swipes and his signature pogo move, accompanied by deep-throated Japanese yelling that signifies that this is a fighting game, all right.

SK is the latest revealed fighter this week, after Quote, Gunvolt Azure, and Isaac were announced over the past couple of days.

With all of these announcements up their sleeve, we have to wonder who Nicalis will reveal next.

Blade Strangers is set to release on Nintendo Switch this summer.

What indie icon would you like to see in Blade Strangers? Let us know in the comments.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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