Fans of the famous slimeball Slime-san and his feathered friend need to gather round for this piece of news: the heroic gooey adventurer will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in an all new way soon, as Fabraz took to Twitter this morning to confirm that the game is receiving a physical release!


Thanks to publisher Limited Run Games, it’ll soon be possible to add the adventure in a physical way to your ever growing library. And in true indie game fashion you can even expect some extra goodies included with your purchase! There aren’t any details explaining what those items will be yet, but you can expect an update on that as soon as Fabraz spills the beans.

If you aren’t yet a die hard fan of this green globbed adventure, this is the ‘slime’ to remedy that. Our very own game connoisseur and journalist Matthew Weidner praised Slime-san in his review of the base game, stating that the “anatomical voyage through a worm’s gargantuan gut [is] a must-play for genre enthusiasts seeking a challenging, yet fair experience.” Matthew knows what he’s talking about, too — this future physical release will be more than worth a pickup!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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