We previously went through the bullet points of this year’s GDC Splatoon panel, but now the entire presentation has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Headed by our favorite Squid Researcher and longtime Nintendo employee/Splatoon Producer Hisashi Nogami, it’s a great look at both Splatoon’s development and how IPs come to be at Nintendo.

Splatoon and Splatoon 2 user data is also discussed, showing the game’s growth. There’s even a bit of time dedicated to the live Splatoon concerts that have been held in Japan and parts of Europe — and they express how they hope to bring one to America as well. The Octo Expansion is discussed briefly too, mostly from a design standpoint versus anything you as a player will be experiencing.


This kind of look at one of Nintendo’s youngest and now biggest franchises is definitely worth a watch. Plenty more facets of Splatoon’s development and current place in the world are discussed, showing how far it’s come and how far it reaches. Here’s hoping it can stay just as fresh with whatever comes next.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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Ricky Berg