A year and some change after the release of Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano ~Faith & Engagement~, fans will soon have even more remixed music tracks to own.

This time dubbed Fire Emblem Music Collection: Session ~Flower of Enchantment~, 15 pieces from the Fire Emblem franchise are getting a rock music makeover. With the sample posted on YouTube, you can’t help but to rock out and hope that this entire series will be incorporated into the limited-time event in Fire Emblem Heroes, Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon.

Serenes Forest has done a fantastic job of translating what tracks are part of this collection:


Track Name From
1 Liberation Mystery of the Emblem
2 Story 5 – Encounter Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light
3 Battle Map 5 Final Map BGM (Player Side) Gaiden
4 Endless Battle New Mystery of the Emblem
5 The Ark of Dawn Shadows of Valentia
6 Grand of Askr Heroes
7 The Prince’s Despair The Sacred Stones
8 Battle For Whose Sake Binding Blade
9 Bearer of Hope Radiant Dawn
10 Softly with Grace Blazing Sword
11 Chapter 4 (Dance in the Skies) Genealogy of the Holy War
12 Road Taken (Roar) Fates
13 Sea Winds and Travelers Shadows of Valentia
14 The Heritors of Arcadia Shadows of Valentia
15 Fire Emblem Theme


Yes, even Fire Emblem Heroes music made the cut! The CD for this music collection is slated to be released on March 28th in Japan, so if you want this in your hands, you’ll have to pick an importer and pray.

For those of you who are in Japan, or will be around the time of its release, there’s also a concert planned. Two sessions are slated for March 24th and, like with any nerdy-gaming related event, there is merchandise involved.

A towel, poster, button, and wristband that comes in five colors will be available for sale on the day of the event.

Fingers crossed that the collection is released digitally in the west, and who knows, maybe these arrangements will even make it into a future Super Smash Bros. game!

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